About Us.


You’ve stumbled on to a blog written by three stumbling idiots. Every post you find here is written under the influence of something, ranging from caffeine to illicit substances that cannot be disclosed for legal reasons, we cannot promise correct grammar or good spelling, but we can promise a good time, so stick around.

Your authors are…

The Bottle

Your drunken editor, I only really write when I drink. This blog was my brainchild. The whole idea for the blog was to find a fun way to express my ideas and the answer to that was alcohol, Then the other two jumped on the bandwagon (more like the piss train). I’m your average introverted student with a lot of opinions about a lot of things. My goal for the blog is to one; improve my writing and two, to provide something to read that people would find entertaining and relatable. As the editor, I might correct grammar and spelling the next day if I’m not too hungover.


So, how would I sum up myself? I guess I’m you’re average self-diagnosed, clinically depressed, alcoholic student that has a tendency to continuously get up to no good. Most of my decisions and adventures are driven by my second brain. These never go as planned. I hopped on the band waggon as a way to share my crazy and humiliating stories and experiences. Stay tuned for the weird and the wild.


Like a cocktail I’m sweet, fun and quite strong, unfortunately, unlike most cocktails, I’m not very bright. To get away from sounding like a dating site bio, I am interested in a whole range of topics, so I’ll give you all a large amount of variety in my writing, of which I’m hoping to improve on through my participation of the Under an Influence blog.

I’m going try keep to light-hearted topics in keeping with my personality, but I’ll occasionally focus on a larger piece if it’s caught my attention.

We hope you enjoy. Our respective opinions are our own and no offence is intended to anyone, please get in contact if you have an issue.