Drunk Poets Society – A Narrative Poem.

He left early, but the darkness followed him home.
His feet were heavier than his lungs, Balance was not his friend that night.
And Fate was not either.

He stumbled across two others, both hairy, both with black eyes.
One was chained, but she was innocent.
Undeserved freedom belonged to the other.

A dull bulb looms above them all.
Once amber in hue, it now appeared crimson.
His lip was now numb.

The bulb faded to black above the free.
The boy and the chained girl had run away,
He and the girl were happy,
Until worry filled their six feet.

They looked for help,
They searched for charity.
They found a useless friend.

They went home to his and her chains were lifted.
But before long she hurt him.
They secluded themselves from each other.

Their time was short, crazy and fun.
But it couldn’t have worked.
She had a night of freedom.
But she had to leave.

The parting was sweet,
But also bitter.
Because after all the freedom and the good times.
She had to leave, in her chains.

This was my first ever attempt at writing a narrative poem so please let me know what you think. I can’t really work out if it’s nonsense or not because I know the context of the story behind it. Think you can guess what it’s about? let me know your interpretation in the comments below!


– A. Ryan

6 thoughts on “Drunk Poets Society – A Narrative Poem.

  1. The main aim of our club is to inspire people to rise from the dead .
    In the sense that to find a real purpose in life. Im new in this may me collaborate together and find a new way to do that
    For this we are searching people interested.
    What do you think ?


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