A Lesson From My Father – A “Bitter” Truth

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My father and I have a somewhat complicated relationship, I’ll spare you a great deal of the details but let’s say for now that were complete polar opposite people. I don’t see him often but when I do I’m forced to struggle, making uncomfortable small talk because we don’t really have much in common at all.

“How’s Uni?” He’d say

I’d reply “yeah it’s going alright thanks, hows work going?”

“Yeah good” he’d say before leaving to go to bed. (He works late so when I go home to visit I only really see him at like 4am). It doesn’t really bother me that we don’t get on very well like I said we’re two very different people.

Growing up I’m sure my dad taught me everything I needed to learn from a father, I can’t think of any particular skills he taught me but there’s got to be a thing or two.

I went off to University at 18, earning myself 120 miles of sweet freedom from my family, and around this sort of time that I’d officially moved out and blossomed into a self-supporting adult, I Naively believed that there was nothing more my dad could teach me.

I came to a heavy realisation three or four years later that I was wrong. I was slapped across the face with what I truly believe is one of the biggest life lessons I’ve learned throughout my adult years.

The Lesson

There is nothing to stop you making changes if you’re not happy.

This sounds simple enough yes, but I’m fairly sure this simple fact is grossly overlooked by most people. There isn’t really any reason why you should be unhappy with your circumstances because they are easier than you think to change.

As for how my father taught me this, I’m certain this was an unintentional lesson but it was an important lesson nonetheless. My dad sold a business he made when I was quite young and has gone through a lot of career transitions. He started as a mechanic, he then did loads of qualifications and became an electrition which he did for about a year. He then decided it wasn’t for him so he became a bouncer instead which again he stuck to for about a year. Now he’s a taxi driver.

So about a year ago, halfway through uni, I myself was in a bit of a rut. I had been working in the bar industry since I was sixteen and it only took me four years to realise that it made me miserable. The only thing I like about it was the slightly cheaper drinks. So what did I do? I quit I got a new job, this time in a completely different industry, the care industry. Quite a change I know.

As a result of this, I have so many new skills I would never have learned before, I’m not on minimum wage anymore and I’m honestly a lot happier. I get paid to help people now! I was in doubt when I started applying, I knew it was completely different to anything I’ve done before and there were times I thought about stopping the whole process, I didn’t think I had what it takes. But I just kept going with it.

The message I’d like you to take away from this post. If you’re still reading at this point. Is that if you’re not happy, just do something about it. Once you take the first step, that first blind leap. The rest just falls into place.

Make the change.

Thanks for reading

This post was brought to you under the influence of some cocktails, mainly espresso martinis, yum.

– The Bottle.


Thanks for reading my first solo post, if you have the time please let me know what you thought, I worked hard on it. Especially on the picture at the top, I made it on a software I had never used before… whilst pretty drunk, but I’m proud of it.

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Have a nice day.

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