Some Fashionably Late New Years Resolutions. – Cheers To This.

After talking for a while, trying to decide which of the three of us would post first and what it would be. We decided that the best thing to do was for the first post to be a joint effort and as it’s still technically January we thought we’d share our new year’s resolutions with everyone.

So sit comfortably, dust off your reading glasses on, grab a brew and enjoy.


The Bottle

2017 was a long year for me and a lot happened. Some really good moments and a fair few things I could definitely improve upon. So as it’s almost February and it’s officially fashionably late for new years resolutions here they are All six of them.

Number One – Productivity.

One you’ll see on a lot of peoples lists, especially among the blogging community. productivity and I have never really seen eye to eye in the past, but I’m hoping 2018 is the year that it and I can put our differences aside and we can become friends. With it being my final year at Uni, this new blog, a newish job and a dissertation I’m not exactly prepared for due in just a few short months an increase in productivity cannot come fast enough. I just want to do SOMETHING most days.

Number Two – Put more effort into my job.

I love my job and it’s something I want to talk about at a later date in a post so I won’t go into too much detail. Let’s just say for now, that I work with people. They say that you only get as much from a job as you put into it and I’ve come to realise recently that it’s exactly true.  I want to spend more time out of work hours, researching, come up with ideas to help the people I’m working with as; one, it’ll make my job easier and two, I think it will make me happier.

Number Three – Be happier.

This one admittedly is pretty dumb and it’s more something that will hopefully come along gradually throughout the year but if I can look back from the end of the year to now and know I’m slightly happier. Mission accomplished.

Number Four – A spot of travelling.

This is probably going to be the easiest one on the list as I already have a holiday or two planned, but I’m very excited. Before this year I haven’t really been one for travelling. I thought the whole idea of travelling was strange, I mean I’d only seen a tiny fraction of the country I’ve been living in what the point in going to look at others. This has changed though, I seemed to neglect the idea of how different other parts of the world actually are. I want to experience other ways of life, expand my mind a bit more with other cultures.

Number Five – Read more.

My fifth resolution is to read more books, to continue to expand myself. I’ve never been a huge reader I find it uncomfortable to sit there and look at the pages, which sucks because there’s obviously a lot to be learned from words on paper. So I want to force myself to read more. In the Classic sense or to listen to more audiobooks as I have listened to a few recently and have found it easier, I guess I’m more of a phonetic learner.

Six – Drink More Water.

Just a small one to end with, I want to drink more water because it’s important, you should probably drink more water too.

Happy belated New Year.

– The Bottle


I’ve never been a huge fan of new year’s resolutions, almost like clock-work at that middle week of Christmas and New Year’s where everyone’s getting hammered you have to take a break to think about the less desirable parts of yourself, which for me at least is a long depressing list I don’t really like thinking about often. Then you have to think about which ones are probably the worst, decide your resolution shall be to sort that out, then proceed to either completely forget by the time New Years rolls around or try out your new lifestyle for the better part of three days and then ditch it like that lightweight mate when you’re on a night out and he wants to go home.

This year, however, I have decided to take part in this useless exercise as there are a few things which I would like to alter, plus there are experiences I want to partake in that I feel I’m at that point in my life where it’s time I should.

So here they are…


I’ve always loved the idea of seeing the world, celebrating different cultures, gaining new and interesting stories and feel like I’m at that point in my life where its right to go and experience it all,  I’m old enough to have some wits about me* and a sense of independence but young enough where I have no one relying on me to be there for them.

There are a few places I have a thought a great deal about travelling; Thailand with its heat and exotic foods, Japan with its culture and incredible sights, America with its… Eccentric people. I’ve thought about every square foot of this blue rock and I intend to see them all.

However, I cannot see all these places just yet so I’m going to have to choose one for this year. I plan to travel to South-East Asia. I’m going to go to Thailand. I chose this because it’s an exotic area with an entirely different culture to the one in England and it would be good to dive into a whole new world and experience everything they have to offer.

Saving More

I have always had a problem with saving money. But due to having quite a large impulsive streak I have a talent for spending money just as fast as I acquire it.

I think, especially considering I want to travel this year, I’ve got to learn how to save money and not just to spend it all at once but to keep it safe for a rainy day, it would just be nice to be able to look at my bank account without the sense of dread.

Going Out Less

This really continues from the previous resolution but I need cut back on going out and getting hammered so much, (yes this is counter-intuitive to the format of the blog).

but honestly, so much of my money goes to waste on nights out and it’s not really like I have a specific memory for any of them they’ve all kind of blurred together, so really what’s the point? Wouldn’t it be better to save the money and spend it on actual memories?

I think going out less would really make some improvements to my life and if I’m going make new years resolutions this year I might as well make one that will be challenging.



Right, I’m definitely not one for that new year new me bollocks. I gave up on myself a long time ago. This, however, doesn’t stop me from joining in and picking resolutions that I probably won’t stick to for more than a couple of weeks.

My first resolution was the classic “I’m going to get super fit” task. It’s February and I’ve been meaning to start this for a month now. I’ve seen plenty of people around me get up and actually do some exercise, but I haven’t quite caught the bug for it. This is probably due to my lazy nature. Thinking about it, I suppose this has been a consistent resolution for me for over 4 years. Every single year the results have been equally as dire.

The second resolution is my ambitious;” I’m going to stop drinking as much”. At the moment of writing this post, the resolution seems doable. We’ll see how long this motivation lasts. I attempted dry January for which I am quite proud of the results. I managed 23 days without drinking, unfortunately, it’s gone quite downhill from there. but, to be fair to myself, I exceeded my own expectations (I thought I’d break in the first week). I do however wish I had been able to keep it up for longer or even finish it. I keep asking myself why my willpower is so abysmal, but I never seem to find an answer. It’s actually probably the only constant thing in my life: well, that and my self-loathing (haha).

My third was to have fewer takeaways this year. Just before Christmas around my deadlines There seemed to be an endless wave of knocks on the door for which I would run down and greet my food. This was due to me panic working to complete 2/3 months of work in a couple of weeks. Depleting any energy I could have used to cook for myself. Thankfully that means there’s at least one resolution that I’m following through on. I can’t promise I’ll keep this up though, My next set of deadlines are looming in the near distance.

My fourth and final New Year’s Resolution was one that’s very popular with students. I set myself the task of doing my university work when its given, rather than wait and complete it the week before the deadline. This one was probably the most unrealistic as I tell myself this on a termly basis and never follow it through. I will try but I won’t hold my breath.

So, there you have it, a quick run through of my New year resolutions. I’ll keep you updated on how I get on with these later through the year.

– JD

So those are my new year’s resolutions but all of us here are curious what are your new year’s resolutions? How are they going, and have you ever fully stuck with them? Leave us some comments and we’ll have an  E-chinwag.

Thanks for reading – The UaI Team.

This post was brought to you under the influence of… All sorts we lost track.


*Editors note – He may be old enough to, he doesn’t though.


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4 thoughts on “Some Fashionably Late New Years Resolutions. – Cheers To This.

  1. Great first post! I think it’s a good idea that you decided it should be a joint effort, I feel like I’ve got to know you three more already. Fabulous resolutions, I hope you stick with them. Mine was to do one good deed every day, and I have stuck to that so far.

    Faye Jessica |


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